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Our People


Chloe Yeung

Design & Publicity

Chloe Yeung is a seventeen-year-old high school student who frequents the school library by day, and blogs about diverse literature by night. She is born, raised and currently living in Hong Kong. As a passionate advocate of human rights and social egalitarianism, she aspires to read law at university and become a human rights lawyer someday.

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Academics & Research

Allison Lau is a seventeen-year-old high school student who is passionate about Hong Kong-mainland China relations, government policy-making and strategic planning. She is a volunteer of several pro-democracy parties in Hong Kong and is very concerned about social justice and the rule of law. She enjoys playing the piano, joining hackathons and is a beginner in data science.

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Brittany Wong

Founder & Organiser

Brittany Wong is a seventeen-year-old IB student studying at St. Paul's Co-educational College. Her enthusiasm lies in the evaluation of various political structures, especially representative democracy and patriarchalism. She is extremely open-minded and strives to maintain political neutrality. She also enjoys learning different languages and initiating meaningful projects, such as Chineasy project - developing pedagogues to enhance the interest to study Chinese for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

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Marketing Director &

External Relations

Ivy Zhang is a seventeen-year old who was born in Singapore, and raised in Germany and mainland China before coming to Hong Kong. She is adaptable, resilient, and sensitized to unfamiliar perspectives and able to comfortably cross cultural barriers to collaborate with the widest diversity of people. She specialises in strategic marketing, product design and communications.

Honorary Members

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Justin Yam

Honorary Advisor

Justin is a fresh graduate of Li Po Chun United World College. He has a lot of experience in organising youth events and conferences, including the Sino Japan Youth Conference and Youth Peace Makers Conference, not to mention being the current CEO of Global Awareness for Youths Academy! He is passionate in international affairs, and is specialised in Chinese diplomacy. 




Honorary Ambassador

Megan is currently studying at St. Paul's Co-educational College in Hong Kong. Having a father from Hong Kong and a mother from mainland China, she is exposed to a lot of news and incidents in both places, which provides her with a broader perspective. Megan is now working for quite a number of organizations in different fields, including the medical field, political field, and the musical field. She is also passionate about MUN and discussion about social issues.




India Lead

Ahaan Sawhney is a 17 year old, high school senior from New Delhi, India. He is passionate about History and International Relations - even starting The Aman Project - a collaborative venture between teens in India and Pakistan to ensure a peaceful subcontinent in the future.

Check out Ahaan's "The AMAN Project"!

Regional Leads




Singapore Lead

Head of Regional Leads

Hunter Gao is a Chinese student studying in Singapore. He is passionate about social/political affairs and uses his platforms in Community Advocates Club to advocate for social affairs in Singapore. He plays an active role in bridging cultural gaps in school, and hopes that his work can inspire more students to actively participate in social causes to make a difference in their community.




US Lead

Aaryana Sethi is 17 and enjoys reading, writing, and arguing with her friends about politics. She is on her school’s debate and mock trial teams, and is a third-degree black belt and national gold medalist in Tae Kwon Do. She is an aspiring lawyer and president, as well as an avid advocate for social justice—especially for girls. She lives in Ohio with her parents and younger sister.

Check out Aaryana's "The S.H.E. Project"!

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China Lead

Alden Wang is a senior studying at RDFZ, Beijing, with a broad focus in the STEM areas as well as the humanities. He has a keen interest in philosophy and politics, having established organizations like a philosophy club with hundreds of participants from high-schoolers to graduate students and a student-oriented online voluntary teaching program aiming at balancing educational resources. He is well immersed in the academics while attempting to make a difference in real life affairs.

Partner Representatives

President of RDFZ Model UN Association

Yihe CHANG (常宜禾) 
Vice President, RDFZ Model UN Association

Shunzhi LI (李舜知)
Director of Branch III, RDFZ Model UN Association

Yoonsuk SONG (송윤석)

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